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Picture of the Day

...from yesterday (like that'll help)
(long pause)
Jim, "What is it?"
Camo-Guy, "It's Ron, Jimbo"
Garry, "Look away Aaron"
Jim, "Who would do such a thing?"
Camo-Guy, "Hang on, let's not jump to conclusions - not just yet, it's Ron alright but just knotted on to the hook, no attempt at a proper whip finish and you can do a lot with sheep fur, erm wool, you can tie Sculpins and other cool flies but this is not one of them (and it looks suspiciously like Antron to me, Paul)"
Six-pound Sean, "What on earth are you talking about?"
Camo-Guy, "It's not murder; it's a kidnapping - they want us to know that they've got Ron"
Six-pound Sean, "What cruel bastard would kidnap a sheep?"
Garry, "Someone who doesn't want us to catch the Mugwai!"
Paul, "Are you sure it's not just one of *your* flies Sean?"
Aaron, "Maybe the Mugwai is not a fish after all"
Garry, "Don't be stupid Aaron..."
Viking Lars, "Hey guys!"
Garry, "Who the hell are you?"
Viking Lars, "I'm Viking Lars, one of Paul's friends from Denmark, thought I'd join in."
Garry, "You can't just 'join in' - you've never even been to New Zealand"
Viking Lars, "I'm a Viking, I'm good at pillaging and plundering and other cool stuff"
Paul, "That's true"
Camo-Guy, "Look dude, I don't know who you are but..."
Berlin, "Hey guys where's the beer?"
Garry, "HOLD IT! If we are not careful these Pic of the Days will deteriorate into anarchy. Now no one likes a bit of anarchy more than me - I'm a hippy from way back - but we need some grounding here otherwise we'll lose the following we have carefully build up over the last three weeks. I say that we start this one again... Jim?"
Jim, "Right, I'm with you Garry... What is it?"
Camo-Guy, "erm, It's Ron, Jimbo"
Garry, "Quick now - everyone leg it"

Edited by Paul

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