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Picture of the Day
Campfire talks 2

Garry (slowly musing, mainly to himself), "X, X, X... hmm... Mystery Lake X"
Camo-Guy, "X marks the spot!"
Jim, "How do you mean Camo-Guy?"
Camo-Guy, "X marks the spot Jimbo. It's an expression us cool Stealth Masters use when practicing Stealth"
Jim, "Do you mean that you know the secret to Mystery Lake X, Camo-Guy?"
Camo-Guy, "Hmm, maybe I do know the secret but just can't remember"
Jim, "Maybe you should try turning yourself invisible"
Paul, "Yes Guy, let's see you do that"
Garry, "Don't be stupid Paul, what would we see?"
Camo-Guy, "Hang on, I've got to go behind that bush"
(Guy wanders off)
Aaron, "It's like Wonder Woman"
Paul, "All apart from at least one significant detail"
(Guy returns)
Garry, "Well, did that help?"
Camo-Guy, "No, I was just having a slash"
Six-pound Sean (breathlessly), "The sheep!"
Jim, "What about the sheep Six-pound Sean?"
Six-pound Sean, "They've gone! And all I could find was this..."
To be continued...

Edited by Paul

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