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Extreme Mugwai II

Continued from yesterday...

Camo-Guy says, "Get down funky mamma"
Paul, "Guy, have you ever been underwater-flyfishing before?"
Camo-Guy, "Let's roll this puppy and flip the wild-side. No Paul but I'm a happening dude, erm... dude"
Aaron, "If it *is* God then why is he photographing us?"
Six-pound Sean, "Evidence"
Garry, "So, does anyone happen to know if we have radio reception here by any chance?"
Camo-Guy, "Hang those shorts out; I'm going to rubberise"
Jim, "Are you feeling OK Camo-Guy?"
Camo-Guy, "I'm like a tornado on top of a hurricane... I'm where it's at Jim-bro"
Garry, "Look if you guys have radios I want one too"
Aaron, "So you're saying that God is sneeking around the bushes photographing us"
Paul, "What's so unusual about that?"
Six-pound Sean, "Happens all the time; in fact this is the only part of the conversation that I actually understand"
Jim, "Isn't this just a little bit dangerous?"
Garry, "Do you get music?"
Jim, "I mean, we don't really know how big the Mugwai is; maybe it's man-eating"
Six-pound Sean, "You mean like we'd become the hunted?"
Paul, "In which case we'll need bigger flies"
Garry, "Are you guys seriously suggesting imitating yourselves?"
Paul, "Well all apart from Camo-Guy of course"
Jim, "I knew this would become a really cool series"
Camo-Guy, "How will we tell ourselves apart from the flies then?"
Camo-Guy, "erm, funky-bro"
Six-pound Sean, "We could use the radios"
Garry, "A-HA!!!"
Aaron, "Hang on, isn't this just like a totally-extreme form of bait fishing? - we're flyfishingdudes remember, not bait slingers"
*long pause*
Jim, "Phew! That was close... we very nearly crossed over"

Edited by Paul

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