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Picture of the Day
Extreme Mugwai

Camo-Guy says, "I reckon the Mugwai is an Extreme Fish"
Jim, "Me too"
*longer pause*
Garry, "Yeah I was just thinking that myself like"
Six-pound Sean, "Well it would explain an awful lot"
Paul, "So... erm, yeah"
Aaron, "Did you guys hear voices?"
Camo-Guy, "I was thinking about going after them"
Paul, "Yes Aaron, some people think that's God"
Jim, "I was thinking of doing that too"
Garry, "Yeah, good plan - that one"
Six-pound Sean, "Although sometimes it's the radio"
Camo-Guy, "Totally way out dude"
*pause and a general move away from Guy*
Aaron, "Well I'm not sure we're alone here"
Six-pound Sean, "Do you feel a presence?"
Jim, "Snorkels?"
Camo-Guy, "The works Jimbo"
Garry, "What radio?"
Paul, "Are we talking about..."
Camo-Guy, "Take it down baby-o"
Jim, "I hear voices sometimes but I can never understand the language"
Garry, "What radio?"
Aaron, "We'll need flippers"
Six-pound Sean, "I've often wondered about life; some things - maybe even everything - appears to happen for a reason"
Paul, "OK let's go after him"

Edited by Paul

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