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November 1999

It's that time of year again - I'm on holiday (In Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia). Interestingly, when I'm on holiday I try not to fish every single day! Bet that surprises you.

Many of you have been asking how I've been getting on fishing-wise... well, ok, I guess! I'm not very good at this saltwater fly thing - but it's nice to go to the beach for a change.

Serious fishing begins next month when I fly out to New Zealand.


Much of my time is taken up training for the forthcoming Noosa Triathlon (7th Nov). I learned to swim (properly) earlier this year and this has gone quite well. However, I had never tried open water swimming until now. There is a 1500m swim in the Noosa River, so I thought I should practise swimming in it.

Being an angler I have a wonderful imagination: every lake has a bottomless hole, and in that bottomless hole lives some huge monstrous, viscious, hideous fish, which could very well surface to take my fly on the next cast.

I really believe this - I have to - it justifies my whole approach to life...

But it presents a problem when open water swimming. Swimming in murky waters really freaks me out: I imagine I can actually see this brute of a fish lurking in the shadows, and he's coming after me to nibble my extremities.

I can't tell you how much this panics me!

Strangely enough sticking my head out of the water decreases this sense of terror I feel - doesn't make much sense to me either! Still I'm getting kind of used to it now... well almost.

Tackle Shop

I've been picking up my emails daily - and the tackle shop has been surprisingly busy:- destination tackle and winter clothing have been the main tackle purchases.

Next month I shall be increasing the depth to the tackle shop. This will become an on-going thing.

I shall also have more internet time; so you can expect more features to this site - they've been in the pipeline for a while, and they're coming soon!

This month's article

I don't have a 'whole' article for you this month... but I do have half an article! I started it last year, but didn't get the fish to finish it!

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