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March 2000

I really don't know what happened to this month. It feels like I've only just got the last months news out and March has sneaked up on me. Sure I've had women problems, but that doesn't explain it; I've always got those - who hasn't?

So where am I and what's the fishing like?

Well, for a while there I was in New Zealand, as you know. Now I am in Australia - back in Noosa (home of no trevally, the best Aussi bass fishing - or so I am told - and chicks in G-strings. So guess what I'm doing here then.)

Anyway, I bought a boat (not some luxury sailing cruiser, business isn't that good -if only...), but rather a small tinnie with 9.9hp outboard (really flies - impresses the G-strings, but not the fish, apparently) and I've been out causing waves and near collisions most days; it's a great way to get to the beach and I'm renting a flat on the river, so it's handy-like too.

So, yes, bulletin board. That's a new development. And some other stuff too. Bought the domain, just in case some son-of-a-bitch bought it first in order to annoy me. And I've got a great idea for it! Watch this space!!

Also coming soon:

  • Price increases, I've talked about it and it's now upon us, have been given the new prices and if you are quicker ordering than I am updating, you'll get the stuff cheaper (so place your orders ladies and gentlemen)

  • New product on it's way: Tom Whiting (formerly Hoffman) capes, Kamasan hooks (in BIG packs!), Composite Development rods (superb NZ blanks - DFR and CD!)

  • Ayers Rock ('Huh, what the hell does he expect to catch there? Has this man finally lost his mind? My god he must be getting great sex!')

  • Tasmania ('Ah, that's better').

Back in UK end of April, in time for the Chatsworth (sexyloops demonstration). New article in FFFT this month.

Em, that's it!

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