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February 2000

Have I been busy or what?

Hit counter

Much to my dismay my hit counter was reset at the beginning of the month. Now if you've been reading my news section before you will be well aware of the problems my current ISP gives me. I was hoping they would be able to fix it and get the 8000 or so hits since April back. But they can't. It appears that the only way to get the hits back is to hit on my page 8000 times. And they weren't prepared to do this.

So I took the hit counter off (I can get my stats another way, so it's not a problem).

DIY New Zealand

Finally I have uploaded a New Zealand section to my site. I had been meaning to do this for months, but somehow never got round to it. Because on the whole I'm one lazy SoB.

Now look, this section is incomplete. There are whole districts in NZ which I haven't included. Some of these are world renowned; such as Rotorua.

Filling in these sections is your job! So if you have experience in fishing NZ and would like to share it, then please email me your comments. In this way I can improve this resource.

Fly casting addition

Here is the proof of the pudding! I had an email from Oz, asking me how much overhang was necessary in order to make a forty yard cast. So I thought about it, realised that I hadn't included it in my casting tips section, and have rectified this.

Navigation bar

As you wander around my site you will discover that the nav. bar text changes from blue to black, depending on how recently the page was edited. I am currently changing them over to blue as and when I find time.

The Sexyloops Affiliation Program

If you have a website and would like to make some pocket money (or more perhaps) you can now sell all the tackle listed on my website (apart from WHSmith Books) and receive 20% commission.

Most affiliate programs I have come across on the net only offer a 10% commission, so this is a good deal!

I also offer free carriage on all UK deliveries, and a 30 day no-questions asked return policy. So if you are interested then let me know.

Sailing Lake Taupo

One of my fishing trips this month has involved a sailing trip to Taupo's remote Western Bays. Although it turned more into a drinking trip (it's funny how many of these trips do) we did manage to find some fishing time.

It is quite strange how I have visited Taupo three times now (varying from 3 to 6 months) and have never investigated these bays. This part of the lake is truly beautiful; there are many cliffs and waterfalls. Access is difficult; you need a boat.

Large cruising trout can be spotted below the cliffs. There are two ways to try and get them: you can try drifting close to the rocks and chuck flies at them, or you can climb the cliffs and try jumping on them.

Cliff jumping is quite an accepted sport in NZ!

Back to Noosa

Well my New Zealand trip has almost run it's course. Shortly I fly back to Noosa where I anticipate great trevally fishing. And (having had an interesting series of emails) superb bass fishing from canoe!

Tackle shop

I am currently adding new items to my tackle shop for the forthcoming season. If there is anything you'd be particularly keen to see then please email me (I shall be adding a fly tying section).

Apart from this, it's business as usual!

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