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August 1999

Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully you will have noticed a NEW addition to this site. Seven pages of advanced casting tips. Have a look. OK I know they're not all completely straightforward. And I know that diagrams are needed. And some animations would certainly help. And as for run-time videos...

BUT the feedback so far has been positive. I have some other stuff in the pipeline too; so watch this space! If you have any suggestions, then please email me, and if I like them I'll act on them; I am looking on ways to improve this site, before I go abroad again.

Ardleigh Report

Last month I mentioned that the fishing during June hadn't been up to expectations. Freak weather conditions have been one explanation offered. However this alone is not enough. We are getting no midge hatch worthy of speaking. This is a real shame because Ardleigh was once famous for it's great fly hatches. Sure the caddis this year has been good, and there is plenty of fry around, but we have a problem.

The problem is ferric sulphate (my opinion). The water management still dose Ardleigh with this chemical, and this has destroyed midge populations. Even if they stop dosing tomorrow the midge won't return immediately. But they have no intention of stopping tomorrow. So long term prospects are poor for this fishery. Anglers are demonstrating their lack of optimism with their feet. And I don't blame them.

However it's not all doom and gloom. You can still catch fish. Trout can be seen moving to fry during overcast conditions and a floating fry pattern is always worth a chuck. Ants will take to the wing and fall on the lake at some point during the month, so make sure you've got some suitable dries for those warm muggy evenings. And the muddler can and often does produce great sport as the article I've attached to this report hints.

August Techniques

And here is a tantalising clip frommy book, for those disadvantaged anglers unfortunate enough not to own a copy of your own (be disadvantaged no longer - buy a copy today through my secure ordering platform - only 5 + post, all over the world - plug plug):

Terrestrials are a large feature of the trout's diet in all summer months. However, in August it is possible for trout to feed on such flies to the exclusion of all else. We are talking ants and hoverfly as the two big rise producers. These land-bred insects are blown on to the water, so get upwind. This can be a very frustrating time, often it is the case that the trout can be seen rising in a berserk fashion some fifty yards or so in the distance with not so much as a dimple within casting range. Under these circumstances the only option is to get afloat or miss the action. You must carry ant imitations. If you do you can get some of the most incredible sport two or three times a season. If you don't you will age drastically. Hoverfly rises are big slashing events and can be dealt with using greased up Invictas. But best is to carry a few close copies. I find a hoverfly, on its day, can bring fish up when nothing is showing. A great fly when the trout are tuned in.

So there you go then.

Fenland Fair

I have another date for you diary: The Fenland Fair.29th-30th August somewhere near Cambridge and really quite good fun. Last year I got to cast all around a huge arena for about half an hour on both days... in front of thousands of non-anglers (this is an exaggeration, there were perhaps a dozen anglers also present). Hopefully a few more this year.

Henry Lowe (APGAI) will also be demonstrating (not surprisingly - as this is his territory) so expect some great casting.

We have a small tent down by the pond - find the pond and you find us.


And now here is a link to the muddler article I spoke of earlier:

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