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Flycasting Standard 2

These are "caught in the act" videos and as such they were not specifically taken for use on Sexyloops but were used as teaching aids at the time (shot live by the pupils). We have simply decided to extend the value of the lesson and pass them on to you.

Minimum Power Minimum Power
Any slower and we could call this "The Stop"
Ian Walker
...and the importance of shorts
Shorts modelled by Ian Walker

I wish they'd use this man's real name... CNL-Duncan
A man with a "nom de pÍche" at the CNL.
Paul, a couple of days before being made a lord of the CNL
Spain, 2002

From the ground up Double Trouble
A worm's cast view of a fly cast
A double bill in the pursuit of photographing the line

Long Switch Long Switch
Long Switch Cast
Snaplift Single Spey
Snaplift Single Spey
Snaplift Single Spey

Snaplift Switch Snaplift Switch
Another in the 'tongue-twister' cast series!
Snapping Snakes
Isn't this something that Robin used to say to Batman?
Naah you're thinking of the 'Jumping Jehosophat' cast.
Snaplift Switch
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