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Flycasting Standard 3

These are "caught in the act" videos and as such they were not specifically taken for use on Sexyloops but were used as teaching aids at the time (shot live by the pupils). We have simply decided to extend the value of the lesson and pass them on to you.

Casting a spey Speymaking
Casting a spey
Distance Cast
Paul blasting out a 5-weight for all it's worth.

A movie used to demonstrate the haul timing in the Dirty Harry series
Oval Loop
Guenter Feuerstein and the Oval Loop

Pozo and the TLT
Pozo demonstrates the TLT casting technique.
Shovel Cast
The "Shovel" Cast in dramatic action...

Snap and attempted mouthcasts.
Danish saltfly casting

Rick Hartman
Rick Hartman blasts out the 5-weight.
Jim Gunderson
Jim Gunderson blasts the 5-weight.

Lance Egan
Lance Egan and the Big Hitters.
Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes plays it cool with the 5-weight distance

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