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Flycasting Standard

These are "caught in the act" videos and as such they were not specifically taken for use on Sexyloops but were used as teaching aids at the time (shot live by the pupils). We have simply decided to extend the value of the lesson and pass them on to you.

Behind View
Exhibits stance, grip, rhythm, timing. Hauling.
Below View
An unusual view of the flex in the rod, arm position and timing.

"Dirty Harry"
This is the movie that spawned a thousand copies.
The second drift.

Into the Wind
Left handed cast into the wind. Prime is reserved for proper casts don't you know!
Rotation of the wrist and forearm

Roll into Forward
Roll Cast into the Forward Cast. Just so passé really.
Snaps on Speys
Awaiting text (i.e something sarcastic...)

Single Spey Left
Note how this is cleverly placed on the left side of the page. This avoids confusion.
Single Spey Right
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