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this big
teaching a group of wild Germans
this is my right hand
if you get this view then you've fallen over
two people doing some crazy flycasting shit
three people standing in a river (of course)
about to perform a tuck cast
flycasting for a mobile phone commercial - hmm; surprising but true
platform and rubber boots
I do river demo's too
back at the office
smells like fish
fancy flycasting stuff
this is a fish - note well the red hat; this could be important

*you* need a lesson in head wear I'm not even going to tell you why good flycasting is important.

And if you want to become good at this thing then you're going to need lessons at some point. I'm not talking about beginners' lessons here either, since it really is possible to start flyfishing without lessons (a good example being me actually). If this is you right now, if you've never been flyfishing before and you want to know how to go about it, then you're in luck: check this out!

I also teach saltwater flyfishing and am quite famous for it - especially in Denmark ;-)Of course although you can start flyfishing without lessons, it sure is better to start off with them; that's obvious (and you don't need me to tell you) because when you decide that you really would like to be good at this thing after all, then you're going to have to unlearn all the inevitable bad casting habits that you invented for yourself when you first began.

All good professional flycasting instructors have a qualification. In the UK the top qualification is the AAPGAI certification. AAPGAI stands for Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor here I'm describing something with my hands - it's what makes me popular with the women.

I'm also a Master Instructor for the Comisiòn Nacional de Lanzado, which is the Spanish flycasting certification programme. I'm also an FFF-Master Instructor in the US and am heavily involved in CI and MCI preparation.

Spanish Master Flycasters - the CNLAnd, just so that you can be really sure that even when I'm talking bollocks it still means something, I was also an EFFF-Master Instructor.

Oh and by the way, if you have come across this page by pure chance, you know like you were thinking, “Instruction? I'll have some of that… if it's free”, then here's 50-odd pages of free stuff. And here's some technical stuff with video support that's also free and comes complete with the catchy name, “Dirty Harry”.

I put great stress on teaching correct stance and perfect body-alignmentI've platform demonstrated at numerous Angling Fairs including the prestigious Chatsworth Angling Fair and the Danish, Dutch and British Flyfairs. I do well in distance casting competitions too of course and still hold the British 5-weight record.

I charge £60 per for one on one casting instruction in the UK. This lesson will be approximately one hour!

Please email me for more details.

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