Ht pro 9’ 5wt




We are now accepting orders for the long anticipated HT905. We will start delivery in March 2021! If you order yours now, you will get to the front of the queue AND save a little money because there will be a price increase in the Spring. It's taken us about 8 years to finalise this rod!! More details, more videos are coming.... Many thanks, Paul :)))

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Sexyloops rods are build in Hastings, UK, using British, American, Portugese and Japanese components. Our blanks are rolled in Spain after extensive design, which in this case took Paul eight years. We also manufacture in the EU for EU customers. :))


9' #5

Whipping colours - your choice. I prefer Ironblue/grey with Burnt Orange Trims. Another Sexyloops favourite is Navy Blue with Silver Trims. If you want canary yellow, we will try to pursuade you against it, but in the end it's your call.

You can have a Full Wells Grip, if you want. Standard with this model is cigar-shape. We have the absolute best quality cork grips in the world. Really.

For rings I like REC Recoils, H&H tip top and Titanium SICs strippers. if you are using Shooting Heads then I would recommend Snakes.

If you want your name on the rod, it's included, at no extra charge. We have these printed as slide decals. They are printed in the USA and take approx 7-10 days to arrive. Please factor that in, but once you have ordered once we try always to have your name decal in stock.

For Rod Socks (or "Rod Pants", if you are in Croatia) they can be Camo or Black... as standard. If you have your mind set on something else then let me know. If we can do it, then we will. We have Pink Camo, but usually don't admit it.

But please do get in touch. Custom design is our speciality. If you want a funny shaped grip then we make you a funny shaped grip. If you want a rod sock with Shamanic Runes drawn all over it, we will do that. It wouldn't be the first time! :)


Paul's Comments

For finalising this rod, I've been using it for Competition Accuracy training. Short-line leader-only casting, and accuracy with 8-15m shots, along with Presentation Casts and Mends, as well as the ability to make sexy Spey Casts... this is what a 5WT rod is all about. It's about "feel" in the short range game, a delicate tip for relatively fine tippets and small flies, and line speed when you need it. It's my honest opinion that you will get 20-30 years of service out of this rod. Together, you will make two or three decades of wonderful fly fishing memories. And maybe in 20 or 30 years, you will order another one, and it will be exactly the same! All HT rods, being purchased at the moment, come with a 1 hour Zoom Casting session with me. We can talk about fishing and we can talk about casting! :))) And hopefully I can give you a few pointers or ideas, things you can try in your cast, to give it a little bit more zip! The HT5 is Saltwater-proof.

995 USD