Zanderking Fly

Zanderking Fly

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 2 January 2019

During the past days I have been trying a fair number of new flies for Zander. Finally I am happy with one, the Zanderking!

The fly needs to drop quite fast since I will fish it in 3 - 5m water depth. Then it will have to jump in between a good number of stones. Upside down is a proper design here. Of course the hook has to be changeable, because sometimes I will be touching the stones anyway. I prefer to have it in white colour. The wiggle tail (thanks a lot to Paolo Pacharini for sending me some) gives that fly a great action even in slow retrieve.

After I caught some fine Zander on it during the past days I am really confident, that this fly does a pretty good job! On my last cast in 2018 I managed to land a Zander of over 10 pound - a pretty decent fish. The next day I started with an almost opposite sized fish. Way to go again in 2019, can't wait!

So far I am fishing a 4wt. fast sinking line for Zander this winter. This line isn't the best choice to cast heavily weigthed flies. I need some extra line speed to get my fly out. But this line comes with less resistance when the Zander sucks the fly in and then starts to move. This is an important key factor in cold water and high fishing pressure!

During the next days my friend Hansi and I will compare between him fishing drop shot and I fishing with the fly. Let's see, if I can keep up with his catches for a first time.

Oh by the way, I did beat Paul in the number of fishing days in 2018 again! Let's see what he will be doing this year!? ;)

In the pictures below you may find a step by step tying instruction for the Zanderking fly. I think it's a well thought and simply excellent fly for Zander!

Great start into fly fishing 2019 to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures as always...

zanderking fly
zander fishing