Zanderking CORRECTED

Zanderking CORRECTED

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The simple fly is not always the best one. But the best fly is ALWAYS simple. Finding the best fly is everything, but NOT simple!

A week ago I published my Zanderking fly in my Sexyloops front page for a first time. I tested that fly quite a while ahead of that my front page. Usually I tie a new pattern and then watch it in the water to check it's movement. A casting test and a fishing test (well, mostly many of both) will follow before I make any final statement about any new fly.

This time I didn't recheck the WHOLE movement (including all detail movements I am presenting the fly in to the fish) under water = HUGE mistake!!!

Tying some new flies during the past days I was testing a lot of new (and older) flies in my bath using a gopro camera to see all underwater-details in slow motion. Watching at my Zanderking pattern it offered me a very bad picture everytime I dropped it to the bottom. The rabbit tail and the hook went into pretty different positions. Something I had not realized by watching the fly moving in the water out of the bird's view position (above the surface).

The worst thing was, that I had 50 more flies coming all with the same fucking problem. Yes, the f-word is a must-use here (sorry)!
Sure I can feel all my students smiling now since I keep telling them NEVER to tie several issues of the same fly BEFORE they have rechecked it in all details!

So yesterday at 6pm I started to look for a solution. At 7am I went to bed knowing all 50 flies were CORRECTED in I think a very good solution!

BUT still I need to test my solution CASTING and fishing wise! I will let you know next week, if it hopefully does withstand all casting and fishing forces acting on my fly.

You may find the problem and it's cause + the solution in the pictures below. A nylon loop around the stinger loop keeping hook and rabbit zonker in position works great (as it looks).

Besides all that I was teaching fly casting during the weekend and fishing every day of course. Luckily some pikes and Zanders came along my path! ;)

Great week to all of you!

Kind regards


P.s.: A fly that you haven't checked in all movements you want to present it in, is worth NOTHING! You better recheck YOUR flies!? ;)

P.p.s.: Oh, let's assume I find this nylon loop sticked on a rabbit zonker (or similuar) in any magazine soon, this time I truly would appreciate to be linked as the one who came up with that easy solution. THANKS a lot ! ;)

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