Zander - Fly

Zander - Fly

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 20 December 2017

At the moment I am fly fishing for Zander in my home town. Fly fishing for Zander yet doesn't get the attention I think it deserves. But that may change soon!?

It was the same with fly fishing for pike here in Germany. Just 10 years ago a good friend of mine and I were always fly fishing for pike on our own. Today we meet a lot of fly fishermen fishing for pike. We all know it's a great fishing offering fantasic fishing days in the typical off-(winter)-season.

Fly fishing for Zander offers great fishing in winter as well. Then it offers a lot to learn still. Not much knowledge available yet. I caught my first Zander on fly rod 30 years ago. Now the last 4 years I have concentrated on improving my skills for Zander significantly. I spent a lot of time fishing for them in different types of water.

Often I was asked about what flies to use for Zander.

Last night I had quite a long fly tying session (until 6 am) - tying flies for Zander.

Here is a step by step tying instruction on my favorite Zander-fly (pictures below):

1. I cut off a hook bend and use the shank only.

2. I put on a tungsten bead to the shank and add a basement with my thread.

3. I tie on a loop (intruder style) with steel leader.

4. Some flashabou on top.

5. I tie a rabbit stripe on top.

6. With uv glue I shape the head and put on eyes.

For the hooks I prefer Owner 5111-101. Size 1.

In my area a lot of fly fishermen are in fly tying (off-season) mood right now. Hopefully I could inspire some of you not only to tie but especially fish my favorite Zander-fly within the next weeks. It's especially now in winter, that we catch the big ones! ;)

More about fly fishing for Zander next week!

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best