Winter returns

Winter returns

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 May 2019

Last two weeks we have had great weather. Sun has been shining and some wind, it has been close to +18 celsius in some days. It has been really great, snow has been melting and it has been nice to outside, but there is downside also when it is so great in spring. In this kind of weather when snow is dissapearing is not really melting but ooze away.

Last summer we had really low water levels and autumn  wasn’t  fixing like it should. So that means that we had low water when winter started. Now when snow is oozing away it means that lakes are not filling themselves and neither rivers. I hope that when trouts were spawning they were doing their thing in deep enough. Otherwise there is chance that roe has been frozing or it can dry out. On the other hand there is some float so trout’s roe should be fine. Graylings are about to do they thing and if it is low water they had to do it in deeper water and when seasons is starting month from now everything is okay to their roe.

I wrote about wading earlier in this winter and soon it is time in here when you should really thing about if it is necessary or could you fish spots different way. It is possible to ruin roes and then you are wasting lot of fishing from coming years but we have talk about that allready.

Why I’m concern about water levels? That one is quite obvious. It comes to fishing and realising fishes. If it is like last summer when waters reached +23 celsius. You can’t realese fishes and be sure that they will survive. So for some days we had to stop fishing totally and wait that waters cooled little bit. Also when it is so low waters…… well… fishes are packing themselves in same holes and dissapearing to really deep spots and fishing can be challenging (which is good thing at same time).

So from +18 celsius it dropped back to -1 or close to zero. It has been snowing also two days and should be snowing two more days. Forecast is also promising rain in beginning of next week which would make snow melt and fill the lakes and rivers. What I hope is that there would be heavy rain about one week just before season starts so waters would really fill and then it could come short heat wave which would active insects. Fishing would be so great in the beginning of June and good start. I have some regular guests coming and every year I need to take them to new place. For this season I found one interesting and I’m looking forward season to beginning. It has been long winter and now it came back, but it is only doing good for coming summer.

Here is some photos how it was looking like last summer when low waters. And some from this spring.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland
low water fishing cooling down snowing in may kuusinki