Winter Pink

Winter Pink

Viking Lars | Saturday, 5 January 2019

It’s winter, but it’s a fairly mild one at that. We’ve had a few, short periods with frost, but generally it’s been mild and above-zero temperatures both day and night.

A favourite colour for winter fishing in Denmark is pink, and there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s a good colour that can spark some activity in to slow, cold winter trout.

Using pink for winter sea trout is certainly not new - one of the first Danish patterns with pink as the main colour was a fly called Pinky Pain by Henrik Leth. It’s a streamer with a pink wing and a Krystal Flash false hackle. It was invented in the 1980ies and named after Henrik hooked himself in the nose during a false cast.

Since then pink (and salmon pink) has become immensely popular and there are many, many succesful patterns in pink now a days.

My personal, favourite pink fly is a pink Big Hole Demon, but I have others of course. Especially on calm, cold days where the water is oily flat and gin clear I prefer small flies. And for small and pink, I prefer the little fly in the PoD. It sports eyes and rubber legs and so on, and I honestly do think that pink dubbing on a hook would do just as well in regards to the fish - but not for me. I like the balance the rubber legs give when the fly is hovering in the water, and the eyes, well, eyes just look right on small, shrimpy things.

It’s a easy one:
Hook: Ahrex NS 172, #10-12.
Thread: Pink UNI 8/0.
Tail: Small tuft of pink Seal’s Fur (Thoft and Kjaer of course), pink fluorofibre and Krystal Flash.
Eyes: Shrimp eyes on mono.
Legs: Pink rubber legs.
Body: Pink Seal’s Fur (Thoft and Kjaer of course).

The flys is unweighted so it can almost hover, sinking very, very slowly when left to do just that, which can be very effective, especially if you’ve spotted a fish you can cast to.

Now I’m off to see if I can catch me one.

Have a great weekend!