Winter Meetings

Winter Meetings

Tracy&James | Thursday, 14 November 2019

This Saturday will be the first BFCC Meeting in Yorkshire, at the Northern Fishing School run by Marina Gibson. We will be running the usual casting competition events starting with accuracy as this is always a good event to get everyone together and support each competitor. The tuition will be provided by some of our top instructors, who will be available during the day to advise anyone attending whether a beginner or experienced caster. It’s currently predicted to be dry that day, with light winds, but very cold, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of hot drinks available to keep us all warm.

Several of the key members of the BFCC are attending this meeting and staying in the area for the weekend. This means that this is also one of the first social events the BFCC has organised. I’m sure we’ll be primarily talking about casting and fishing, such as where people have been on holiday or where they are going. Since James and I haven’t yet booked our next fishing holiday, suggestions are always welcome especially about destinations that people have recently travelled to. I’m fancying a trip somewhere for bonefish (of course J ) whereas James might fancy trying to catch some new species for us. Although since we haven’t fished much recently due to this constant run of heavy rain causing the rivers to be coloured and high, I’m pretty happy to go anywhere that I can fly fish. Also we’re getting close to a ‘big’ birthday for James so I’ll probably let him choose this time ;-)

I‘m expecting that the conversation will also revolve about what teaching techniques work for different casters; this is always so interesting to listen to, especially as I’m not an instructor. It’s amazing what you can pick up about the psychology of instructing. Such tips help me to understand how I can help encourage new people attending our Meetings to get involved in the competition events. People are often interested but are wary to compete when they see some of the top casters. When people get nervous about casting or competing, I normally explain that they are primarily competing against themselves and any results from that day are theirs to compete against either at another Meeting or when they are practicing their casting elsewhere. Often it’s lovely to see people cast against a tape after they have had tuition for the morning; I have seen several casters beaming with delight when they consistently cast further than they have before. The BFCC badge scheme is a great mechanism for people to aim for, by targeting a specific challenging distance to gain that badge, then trying for the next one (they increase in 5 yard increments).

Whatever happens this weekend, I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone, casting and enjoying myself, just hoping there’s not too much chatting about the physics of casting ;-)