When you hit it right

When you hit it right

Scott Loudon | Thursday, 12 May 2016

The truth is I’ve done next to no fishing recently and as such I’m heavily reliant on everyone else’s great writing and willingness to share their stories as well as recall my own memories to keep me sane.

One day in particular I keep coming back to and believe it or not I’ve lived the same day on about four days over n New Zealand. It has been anytime I’ve fished this particular mystery river X come rain or shine and boy when it rains does it rain. The river will be up a metre but the fishing is still wonderful. When it’s dry, you’re laughing.


The first time I visited this river it was totally unknown to me so I didn’t know what to expect. Little did I know was I about to stumble upon the highest density of large wild trout I’d ever seen. It’s rare to see a big fish but they average around 5lb I’d say. Mainly rainbows but a healthy number of brownies thrown in the mix to keep it interesting.


The picture below shows a fairly common sight, a big grouping of large fish that you can attempt to pick off one by one. You’ll never get them all of course but when you’re sticking double figures of fish per day you don’t really complain. It is simply the most sublime fishing I’ve witnessed, again not because of individual fish but the experience. The scenery is second to none, the water is beautiful and the fish are dense.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 08.18.00


The first time I fished it I fished dry/nymph and streamers, on subsequent visits I’ve fished with giant terrestrial patterns and had a phenomenal response. You just can’t beat chucking massive flies and seeing the fish react to the surface. What a place. I don’t know if I’ve been lucky when I’ve visited but I’ve never found it difficult (which is why I don’t spend weeks fishing this river) but the response to the dries from all good sized fish is something I’ve not seen anywhere else. I’m talking one fish plus per pool, most likely between 4lb and 7lb.


I’m going back in December but I doubt I’ll get to fish this river on this trip due to other commitments. Nevermind, my wonderful memories will continue to tide me over I’m sure.