What to expect

What to expect

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 15 February 2019

You are planning fishing trip, exploring internet and maps. Maybe reading forums and asking tips about certain waters in your coming destination. Maybe thinking about having guide for few days and then fishing by your own. You find guide and contact him/her and you tell what you like to have, but can you trust that it will be worth of money. You have had bad experience earlier when having guide and you are not sure if it will happen again. You want to have transparency and honesty with your guide even before your trip.

Years ago my friend from outdoor shop called to me on Saturday. He had gave my number to Italian group, who were looking fishing guide. Sunday I had call from travel agency if I would be able to go guiding on Monday some people to fish. I was busy so I said no. Monday morning I had call from guide (that same company), he was asking where and what flies to use when he is going to fish with Italian group. Tuesday I got call from Italian lady, who wanted me as guide for their group. I told her that yes, I’m avaiable and we can talk on phone and make booking. She was demanding and want to meet me. I was about to pass by them so I gave up and we had meeting on parking lot. First thing what happened was that one of the gentleman came front of me, his face was about 10 cm from mine and he asked: ”Do you fish?”. I said yes, but he was coming even closer and ”DO YOU FISH?”. I started irritating but kept my mouth and just opened trunk where was all my fishing gears and ”Yes, I fish. I’m just about to go fishing again”. He said: ”Now we can talk.” He explained how their guide from yesterday was only having hiking boots and he was standing high up bank and showed something like, there is river go fishing there etc.  

So after talking about fishing and techniques etc we agree to have one fishing day and other optional if first day is okay. On first day we had lot of grayling over 35 cm and some over 40 cm, so they wanted to have optional day also. Second day was also okay and it ended with beautiful 45 cm grayling. I can still hear ”Gracias Mika” from beautiful blond Italian lady who caught that grayling with dry fly when bats were flying around.

Point of this? You have expectations about guide’s work and about fishing. Talk with your guide, email to him. Make questions before you book but remember he is already working for you when answering your questions, so please don’t fool him. Few simple question will let you know if he is for you. When you have agreed trip, price etc you can ask more and get ready for you trip, but don’t try to get discount after making deal. Don’t insult your guide. He is already working for you. Every trip before your’s he is getting more info about fishing on that point and he will help you with lot things even before your arrival.

If you are using travel agency or bigger company, try to pass sale persons and contact straight to guide, or at least make some spefic questions that need to be passed to guide. You should have good feeling about booking and also guide needs to have same feeling when he is coming to guide you. He needs to be excited about coming day, then he will give his best for you.

So start planning your summer trip, book your guide and have nice time.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland