Wet flies

Wet flies

Viking Lars | Saturday, 11 January 2020

Martyn wrote a nice FP on wet flies in November, and I must say that I generally agree with him. As far as brown trout and grayling go, I virtually never fish a traditional wet fly anymore, and when I do, it’s a deliberate choice to do, just to do it once in a while.

There are no flies that, for me, encapsulate everything that is a “fly” as a traditional wetfly. They may be out of fashion, but they are no less effective than they’ve been for, in some cases, hundreds of years.

The fact that they are old flies of course appeal greatly to me. So does the fact that Martyn also points out in his FP that they really are nice to tie. I never sit down and tie batches of these (although over Christmas I did set about filling a small box with some old favourite patterns) simply because I very rarely fish them.

But it’s how I learned to fish rivers with the fly - using an intermediate line and one or two wets on the leader, so it’s always a nice trip down memory lane to revisit both the flies and the fishing every now and then. Although now I tend to fish them differently, when I do tie one on every now and then. I like to cast them to likely often, often directly across or upstream and “fish the fly more”, rather than “just” down and across.

This weekend I’ll stick some more Dunkelds, Coachmans, March Browns, Hardy’s Favourites, Blue & Blacks, Blue Duns etc. in a box.

Have a great weekend!