West Yellowstone Spey Days

West Yellowstone Spey Days

Matt Klara | Sunday, 10 September 2017

A while back I wrote a FP about Spey fishing and casting for trout (see link at the end of this FP). Well, since then the momentum of Trout Spey has continued to grow in the US, and especially here in Montana, where our larger rivers are a great place to swing a 2-handed rod.

To keep with the times, and create a situation where people can start learning more about this fun way to trout fish, Big Sky Anglers, the flyshop that I help out at down in West Yellowstone, along with the folks at Sage, Rio, and Redington, are hosting an event on September 29 and 30, 2017 - the first inaugural West Yellowstone Trout Spey Days!

I'm pretty excited about the event for a few reasons.  First, I actually got my start in Spey casting and 2-handed rods in the context of trout fishing when I was living in West Yellowstone about 17 years ago.  So this "new" thing that people are really getting into is something I've been talking about with my friends for a while now.  I'm happy to bring some new fun into people's fishing lives.  Second, I'm excited because I'm going to be helping out at the event, and presenting some of my ideas alongside great folks like Simon Gawesworth, Rick Wollum, and Keith Balfourd.  I'm guessing that I'll learn as much as I teach!

I dont have my presentation dialed in yet, but my plan is to talk about Spey casting with single-handed rods, and how the family of Spey casts can be used within the context of trout fishing with dries, swung wets, nymphs, and streamers.  I might even have an example of using a Spey cast to catch a bonefish one time.

Anyway, if you are interested in Trout Spey, and are in the area, I'd love to see you there at the event and meet some fellow Loopers.

The event website has all you need to know...  http://bigskyanglers.com/spey-days/

Take Care and Fish On!


PS - My original Trout Spey FP is here...