Weight Shift

Weight Shift

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 2 August 2023

A quick emergency FP from me. I had planned to upload a very interesting chat I had with John Waters recently. But I’ve just noticed that it’s 3hrs and 15 minutes long. :))) Which is maybe not a problem, but I have to watch it first! And it will be dark by the time I’ve finished. So in the meantime I’ll upload a quick FP.

What to write about is the question? I shot down the lake yesterday, partly to fish, but also for a change of scenery. I put in a couple of lovely shots, or so I thought, but the Snakehead didn’t agree! There are free-risers around which is very good news, because I have a guest fishing with me in two week’s time.

Yesterday I made a video for one of my students who is developing his 170 cast. Gary on the Board asked me how I went about getting my elbow into position. I think the video sort of explains it, as well as a few other things. So I shall post it here too, for lack of other content.

Right, now I’m going to watch my chat with John and see if I can shorten it without losing important content. Or maybe it’s a two-parter? And I’m also going for a swim because it’s bloody hot!

Have a nice day!

Cheers, Paul