Weather to fish

Weather to fish

Tracy&James | Thursday, 13 June 2019

This weekend we were hoping to fish the river Dee in North Wales, however due to the substantial recent rainfall, it will probably be too coloured. This made me think about our last fishing trip to the Dee, the river was the lowest I had seen with areas that were normally under water covered in thick foliage, indicating that they’d been dry for some time. I compared the photos I took on that trip to those in the same spots from last summer. It’s amazing how different an area can look throughout the seasons.

One of our favourite spots is normally flowing gently over a wide area, yet earlier this year following a long dry period, it was narrow and running fast, though we both still caught some beautiful browns and grayling there. Another spot normally has a lovely riffle of water running over stones, whereas on the recent trip the stones were completely dry. 

We’ll still pop past the river to have a walk, as long as the weather isn’t too bad, and plan our trip for the following weekend. We’ll be back in North Wales then also to help run a BFCC Meeting in Oswestry on the Saturday and hope to fish either on the Friday before or the Sunday after (or both). We may have some BFCC friends joining us too, so I am hoping that the weather will improve so we can all have a pleasant day, perhaps dry fly fishing.

The BFCC meeting should be a fun day too, as long as the grass is cut this time! We always have lots of people come along for either the casting tuition or the competitions or both. James is still nursing an injury and is in the middle of changing his style, so he may or may not compete in all events, whereas I intend to enter all of them with the aim of challenging most, if not all, of my records. My arm injury has healed well and I’ve been working hard to strengthen my muscles. So I just need to do some more practice, especially with the shooting heads and double handers as those are the ones I avoided whilst recovering.

Whatever the weather this weekend, have a great time, especially if fishing,


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