we buy what they sell

we buy what they sell

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 4 September 2020

Last weekend was perfect for fishing, chilly nights and warm sunny days. In fact the whole week has been like that, unfortunally fishing season ended on Monday last of August. Well there is some rivers still open for grayling fishing and next Tuesday we are heading to north. We gonna have holiday week in middle of autumn colours and hopefully some great fishing. Our puppies are mostly found new home so it is getting little bit quite, finally. When you have 10 puppies from hell…. well you get idea.

Today I was having new part to one of rod. It was broken last Friday when my guest fell down over rod. Idea for this FP came up on same Friday. Man had gears for fly-fishing, but he had stopped one of local fishing shop. He had bought landing net. When I saw it, I told him to get rid of that. It was old style net, it make you look like I have done flyfishing for ages. It had deep tight net, you know like 30 years ago. I explain to him that it better to have rubber net with round bottom etc. He said that he know it is good for handling fishes but thougt that net would make him look more proffessional. He left net by the car when we went fishing.

That event made me think about some discussions I have had with in some shops. Wobblers, spoons, spinners etc have at least one treble hook, some times even three or more. All of them have barb on. I have talk about that they should have barbless hooks and max two single hook. Answer has always been that market is so small that manufactures are not doing those. Something like that. This summer one local shop had some barbless hooks for flytying, that is good thing. It is small start but it was a start.

So today while I was picking rocks and stones from field I had time to think about this issue more. We people buy what they are selling to us. If someone would manufacture wobblers with one single barbless hook there would be people to buy it and after while there would be more and more people buying it.

If you are manufacture and say that there has to be demand first. You are just asshole and don’t know anything about your business. Or do you think that there was first lot of people saying that we need to have radio and then some one invent it and started to manufacture. Or even better example, phones, every year new modell with some apps or like that. Nobody really needs them but……

So I’m pointing my finger to fishing shops and manufactures. Everything starts with you. You just needs to come out of that bubble and start to make lures etc with barbless hooks and less hooks. We will buy them, you see. We all know benefits of barbless hooks so why they don’t use them in lures. Why almost all flies which are ready made sets have barb?

You know that only reason why hooks have barb is to keep bait in hook. That is originally use for barb. In some hooks they have kind of small barbs in body that keep bait in hook. Barb has never been for holding fish so why not get rid of those.


have a nice weekend

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