Paul Arden | Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Last year we put our rod warranty price up to 70GBP per section from 70USD (the lower value of the pound was the culprit). We were losing money at 70USD/section. And unfortunately we are now losing significant money at 70GBP/section! Other manufacturers can afford to replace sections at these low prices - and still make a profit - but their costs are lower both in terms of the blank and fittings. And anyway if you break a Sage rod (for example) outside of the USA it costs you considerably more than 70USD for a replacement section!! For example in Australia it costs 165AUD (approx 90GBP).

For a spare tip section we have a very fair price of 100GBP (approx 130USD) for the HT4, 6 and 8. The HT10 costs more because of the Torzites. Many people take up this option since we started offering it and it makes sense because this is the one you are most likely to break. If you decide on a spare tip with your HT rod we will make you a rod sock with 5 holes instead of the usual 4. 

It’s always difficult to know where to price things but I think at the very least for accidental breakages we should break even! 

For custom rod builds we will soon start charging a premium and I anticipate a price increase on all products by the end of the year. There is considerable interest from tackle shops in selling Sexyloops rods.  At our current prices we simply don’t have the margin to be able to offer this service. 

Of course another option is the “not-so-hot Torpedo” range. But let’s see what happens!!!