Warm waters

Warm waters

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 July 2021

Second week of July, heat is still on. Air temperature has been around +30 celsius on daytime, about +22 celsius on night. Since there has been not really rain, everything is extra dry. It was good weather to make hay, which makes me happy. We will have good quality hay and it is dry, so it wont froze during the winter.

Water temperature has been rising and now it is between 21 to 23,5 celsius depending about river. It could be even more, luckily water level is still quite high so it has been balancing things. When water is more than +20 trout and grayling start to have issues. Especially if you have long fight with them, they will need more time to recover. Some rivers in Southern part are closed and one river in our area also. That I would call responsible action.

Wednesday when guiding we concentrate to fish area where are more roach and perch than salmonide fish. Roach and perch can handle warm waters better. We only caught one grayling and about 30 roach and perch. It would call that success. My guests got casting lesson and then basic practise about flyfishing. It was their first time ever and if I understood right not the last.

Thursday was guiding also. This time I couldn’t skip salmonide fishery. Only purpose for day was to show some great and good spots on Kuusinki river and how to fish them. We concentrate on fast or deep water and changed the spot if we found kindergarden accindently. Fishing was still good when you look circumstances, we agreed to made long distance release with bigger fishes. Someone would maybe call that teasing but for us it was only way how my guest could learn water. We caught few bigger ones with releasing fast after hooking. Small ones are difficult to release from distance so those came next to us and we just turned to hook off. Now when ever barbless hooks are priceless.

It took only few days that water temp jumped from 18 to 22. Now I hope rain to come which should be on Sunday and Monday. That will cool waters again. If not I need to reconsider some trips which are coming on next week. Anyway I have cancelled all trips from this weekend.

This warm water issue is now reality, it is coming every year in some point. It is also kind of new thing. First time was about 7 years ago, and past 3 or 4 years it has been permantly here. In our area it is only few days mostly but it is also during high holiday season. It is always difficult decission to call fishing off, it is also only thing to do in warm waters.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland