Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 17 November 2023

A lot of preparations to do before winter season. Still some gates to built etc. Some reindeer round up going and so on. That is life in north. Thomas was here almost 4 months and we fished together, not so much I was hoping, that was mostly my schedule thing. It has been -18 celsius or so this week. Friday I have some reindeer work, but during the weekend hopefully some ice fishing.

My wading shoes starts to be in the end of their story, which brings to the subject, wading. You need to have some skills but also right gears. Here are some points from Thomas about wading while fishing in here.

Title: Mastering the Art of Wading: A Fly Fisher's Journey to Overcoming Slippery Challenges


Subtitle: Exploring the Crucial Skill of Wading in Northern Scandinavian Rivers


As an avid fly fisher with a knack for casting and fly tying, I've always believed I had a well-rounded skill set for the sport. However, there's one critical aspect where I find myself lacking – wading. Every time I step into the water, especially on the slippery rocks of Northern Scandinavian rivers, I freeze up, much to the dismay of my fishing companion, Mika.


Mika has observed my struggle firsthand, describing it as painful to watch. It's a truth I've come to accept – my wading skills need improvement, and the only remedy seems to be spending more time on the water. Yet, I can't help but wonder why wading has never been my forte, particularly in the challenging conditions of Northern Scandinavian rivers.


The large and slippery rocks have always posed a challenge for me, leading to a discomfort that's difficult to shake off. It's a mystery that I've grappled with and one that I've finally decided to address with Mika's guidance. I asked him a simple question: What's your suggestion for mastering the art of wading in these demanding environments?


Mika's response was insightful and practical. He emphasized the importance of familiarity and experience, suggesting that the key to overcoming my wading struggles lies in immersing myself in the rivers more frequently. By navigating the waters more, I would gradually become accustomed to the unique nuances of Northern Scandinavian riverbeds.


Moreover, Mika stressed the significance of selecting the right gear. From specialized wading boots with enhanced traction to adjustable wading staffs for added stability, investing in quality equipment tailored to the region’s specific challenges could make a significant difference.


Reflecting on Mika's advice, I am inspired to embark on a journey of self-improvement, determined to elevate my wading skills to match the proficiency I've achieved in casting and fly tying. With each step, I aim to conquer the slipperiest rocks and navigate the most challenging waters, embracing the natural beauty of Northern Scandinavian rivers while honing a skill that has long eluded me.


Ultimately, the solution seems simple – fish more, wade, and equip oneself with the right tools for the task. It's a commitment to growth, a pledge to overcome challenges, and an exploration of the intricate dance between angler and river that defines the soul of fly fishing.