Virtual Casting

Virtual Casting

Tracy&James | Thursday, 21 May 2020

Well the fishing in Wales has re-opened, or has it? To be honest I have no idea what’s going on. The Welsh Assembly, the devolved government of Wales, have said fishing is an acceptable past time. At the same time the country is still in lockdown as the infection rate is still peaking, I guess a few weeks behind England because of geography and population density differences. As such, the initial lifting of the fishing ‘ban’ didn’t really make much difference as you weren’t allowed to go anywhere in your car. From what I have read on the internet, the Angling Trust then got involved and pointed out to the Welsh Assembly that transporting fishing tackle on foot is totally impractical for most people. The Welsh Assembly were subsequently persuaded that allowing driving was the only way to get people out fishing, and issued another communication saying that it was now allowable to drive to a local fishery. So we’re all good then – well apparently not.

Many still-water fisheries have decided not to re-open, I suspect it’s easier to keep their staff furloughed for the time being.  Some river beats also haven’t re-opened, this is despite the banks being open to walkers, etc.  Some people have started fishing my local river – Tracy and I spotted a couple of poachers only yesterday.  To be fair they did absolutely nothing to hide their activities, walking bare-chested in the midday sun, waggling their spinning rods equipped with treble-hooked lures that implied they had no intention of releasing anything.  I strongly suspect that they caught exactly zero though, as I explained in an earlier FP, all the decent sized trout are gone (probably due to other generations of poachers) and the fact that they’re a good month early for the sea trout run.

With no fishing, Tracy and myself have been entering the on-line casting competition that has been started by BerntJohanson.  I managed a really good result on a particularly windy day in the Salmon Distance event, whereas Tracy went very close to her PB in the ST27 on the same day.  I really have to work on getting a 130ft (40m) #5 weight cast out during the timed session though, it’s really frustrating to do it immediately after time has been called and typical of my BFCC performances also.

The forecast for this weekend here is for a great wind for distance with the heavier gear, so hopefully I’ll be making the current leaders of the Salmon distance event nervous (each event runs for ~2 weeks).  

Have a great weekend, hopefully you’ll be able to get out fishing unlike us.  However, if not, why not enter the virtual fly casting championships?

All the best, James.