Video Teaching

Video Teaching

Paul Arden | Monday, 29 October 2018

ALL the fly casting videos are now live in the video manual. There are 64 APP videos plus an additional 4 or preferably 5. These were filmed some six years ago but are pretty much still up-to-date. I have plans now for this section to integrate further with the Discussion Board and of course the Sexyloops Fly Casting Challenge. I shall be developing these things during this Malaysian Wet Season. You'll be able to easily identify the old videos from the new ones because I'm turning into Captain Caveman.

Talking of Malaysia, that's where I'm heading now! There is a fly casting week and fishing show in Kuala Lumpur (aka Muddy Confluence/ The Big Shitty) this week and next weekend. I fly back to KL tonight. And then, next Sunday, a bunch of us head into Royal Belum for some Snakehead action. The guys have some fishing to conquer and then Ashly and I hunker down for the Wet Season and Jungle Perch time.

I've had a great visit to Europe; which has been rather eventful! I started off with the Fly Casting World Championships (have some work to do there!), raced a 1/2 IM in Portugal and survived. Fished UK and Bosnia, cleaned my Hungarian Cabin. Caught up with family and loads of friends. It's been fantastic, but turning rather cold recently - you may have noticed if you are hereabouts. Which means that it's time for me to leave!

By all accounts the Wet Season started early this year - as in over a month ago! Ashly and I have plans to rent something with a roof for these wet months, but I can't find anything on the Internet. I have no idea what we will do. However one thing we must do is to start our Malaysian fishing business, so there will be lots of paperwork between now and the New Year. I'm sure that it will be in Malay so that will be a job for Ashly.

Apart from that - who knows? I really would like to explore the Jungle Perch options that the Wet Season gives. I'm not sure how keen Ashly is (or me for that matter) to live under a tarpaulin again for two months. The Aboriginals do it, so it's possible. Hell, I've done it. It's actually rather romantic, in a man-shit kind of way. Go to bed wet, wake up wet. Man-shit.

I'm working towards us having a luxury houseboat on the lake come the New Year (for these wet times). So this is our immediate goal. Things always take longer to happen at Sexyloops than I'd like (it's been my goal for about two years now!). Talking of which when I'm back in KL next week I shall be organising all the Hot Torpedo T-shirts for you guys and girls who entered our competition. We shall be running another one next year, so that's something exciting to look forward to!

Here's some advice for you; when you're not sure what to do, then go harder! Spooky Island would make for a great Jungle Home if it wasn't for the crazy nightmares, not to mention Hantu Tetek (although rumour is she lives on Paradise Island, just down the lake). And I reckon there is some fantastic Jungle Perch fishing to be had in-between... and the rock wall always has Gourami.

Oh and apparently I'm in this month's Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine but I haven't found a copy yet. I hope to find one tomorrow on the way out of Heathrow. Something good to read on the plane that isn't just the emergency exit card.

If you're coming to the show next weekend then I have two incredible flycasting demonstrations planned for you and one fly tying one. Surprising fact: I've never given a fly tying demonstration before, but I've never been asked either. There will be fluff, foam, electric drills, seal's fur and superglue. What more could one ask for?


HERE is the Video Manual.