Vest vs. slingpack II

Vest vs. slingpack II

Viking Lars | Saturday, 25 August 2018

I while back, I wrote an FP on trying out a new slingpack instead of a fishing vest. I've tried many different packs, and yet, I've always returned to the fishing vest. I've been using a slingpack for my salmon fishing since June, and when I got back from Norway, I transferred the gear back into the vest. Let me elaborate...

I liked the slingpack. I've had one before, but it didn't sit well on my back/shoulder. It slipped in towards my neck and actually partially cut off the blood to me head, making me light headed on longer walks. It was bigger than my current one, and maybe that was part of the problem - I packed too much in it and made it too heavy.

This one I have now (a Simms) sits very well. It has an extra strap that helps keep the main sling off my neck and sitting comfortably on my shoulder. It's also completely waterproof, which is very nice. It allows me to carry a camera, without worrying about extra waterproof storage for that.

There are two things I don't like. One is that apart from shallow pockets on the inside of the back (for leaders, licenses and stuff like that), it's all one, main compartment. That means that flyboxes, camera and other larger items are left to tumble around, and it's a bit annoying when you turn it around to change a fly.

It's easy enough to turn around - unbuckle the auxilliary strap, and it easily swings around and sits over your torso, opening and zipper up. But - it's a bit of an art to handle rod, leaders, flies, clippers etc. with the pack sitting there. The zipper is also a little difficult to open/close, because it's waterproof. You need to grab a small loop on the pack with one hand and operate the zipper with the other. All while holding the rod under one arm or between your legs. But that's the nature of waterproof zippers. They are a little harder to operate.

So I went back to the vest when I got back, but I have to say that I might go back to the pack. 1. Waterproof is quite nice. 2. Having everything on my back is *really* nice. And this pack is small enough that I won't overload it.

I do, however, find the prospect of getting three identical slingpacks to replace my three dedicated vests a bit much. Maybe I'll stick with it for salmon fishing for now.

On another note, I managed to break ny favourite out-of-production-polarised-sunglasses in Norway. I had them sitting on the bill of my cap, and was fishing. Heavy rain started, and I ran to the bank and quickly took on my rainjacket. In the process, and not really sensing it, I must have caught the glasses, which somehow ended on my back, under the jacket. I decided to sit down against a tree to wait out the rain shower. As I leaned back - crack...

Major bummer... These were the perfect glasses for me, and now begins that hunt for a new pair.

Have a great weekend!