Varzina Trout Camp August 2nd - 9th

Varzina Trout Camp August 2nd - 9th

Paul Arden | Thursday, 2 June 2016

If you're a trout angler there is one place you must fish before you die, and that is the Upper Varzina River in the Kola Peninsular, Russia. This is an experience like no other. Of course it's about the trout first and foremost. These are native fish. The average size of these indigenous brown trout is 5.5lbs. This is the largest average size of trout in the Kola (I'm told) and the Vazina river has an interesting system of lakes that makes it so. It's a fabulous fishery. Also the experience is quite remarkable, being inside the Arctic Circle, with all that entails, no trees for example! I had the Northern Lights on my last trip, but I can't promise you that! And, to date, this fishery has given me my largest brown trout landed, at 11.5lbs.

It's a bit of a last minute adventure, the camp management had a booking cancellation and I've been asked if I can help fill the camp. Well of course! It's not just a place to fish once before you die, but many times! So this trip is happening. We have a maximum of 5 more places to fill. The cost for the week is £2100 plus camp tips of 200GBP and a mini-bus ride 20 Euros return. You fly to Murmansk, probably via Moscow, (flight not included!) take the chartered bus for 2hrs, then catch a helicopter for 40 minutes (included) and fish for 6 days solid. The food is excellent, the camp is good, with a Sauna and of course, being Russia, there is Vodka. The fishing is incredible.

My last trip there I had my best night's fishing, 10 trout for 55lbs. You can't get any better than that. Mostly that trip was streamers, but it was late in the season. This year should be dries and nymphs with top water action. I can't wait. If you are interested in joining us then please drop me a line.

I will be running a small daily workshop for one hour each day on a range of topics, from fly casting, to fishing techniques. So not only will you have an incredible fishing experience, but hopefully we'll all learn something too!

So far we have Sexyloopers from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and the UK. If this sounds like your sort of thing, and it really is the best I've had, then drop me an email today!

Scotty is away today. I'm just back from chasing small Gourami and Tilapia with Ashly. The Snakehead are in my sights for the next two weeks. Then I'm back in Old Blightly! It's been a while, I believe... Cool

Cheers, Paul