Up in the swiss alps

Up in the swiss alps

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 24 June 2018

A long drive tru many hills at really tiny streets was nesessacy to come up here. The worst thing on the alp-streets are bikers and guys from Germany or Netherland with canpers who never saw a mountain before!!! Aarrggg use you‘re side and drive! But if you're up here it's just awesome, the mountains are high, still some snow around and the water, in the lakes and the rivers is just gin clear. We fished the lake Silser, a typical alp lake - between 1 and 30 meters deep and not many fish. But they stocked some big namaycush many many years ago and they are really big now but tricky to catch.


We tried everything to catch something, borowed a boat from a local but nothing. We saw some grayling crusing close to the surface but no chance, they now the game.

So we're without any fish contact but happy on our way home now. Exacly now, I'm writing from the Julier Pass at the moment (around 2'000 meter from sea)

Have a nice day!


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