UK Champs 2020

UK Champs 2020

Tracy&James | Sunday, 6 September 2020

This weekend James and I have been competing at the second UK Fly Casting Championship in the typically windy Millom, Cumbria. Thursday was a practice day for us, mainly S55g and ST27 as the strong wind was irresistible to not give our various outfits for these events a try. It has been great to catch up with old friends, especially as this year, unusually this is only the second casting event we’ve attended. Normally we would have competed at several events by this time of the year, though as we all know, 2020 has been a very extraordinary year.

Friday was the first day of the Champs where we started with the two Spey events. As I mentioned last week, I had a Spey lesson so I could compete for the first time in both events and even though it was perhaps a bit too windy for a beginner, I really enjoyed the sessions I had. Lee and Ang Cummings, plus the other Spey casters, were fantastic in providing me with advice on how best to manage, even getting me to Spey cast left handed. Something that felt completely alien to me; not that Spey casting right handed was that normal to me anyway. I achieved my aim of casting without falling in and getting a reasonable distance for a beginner. I am also thankful to Derek, my patient instructor from last week andJames for reminding me of the various exercises that Derek suggested.

James was also pleased with his Spey distances, although I do wonder if we need a ‘proper’ Spey outfit with suitable backing too – as we both struggled with the sinking backing line getting stuck on the ropes.

On Saturday we competed in ST27 and S55g events and personally I found this day the most difficult as I struggled to peel the lines off the water, possibly due to the waves, but more likely due to the fact that I have hardly fished this year, and predominately practice cast on grass. There was a good wind behind the casters however many of the mens’ casts seemed to falter near the 60 metre marker due to a cross wind hindering the distances. Even though, there were some astounding casts by everyone and it has been really good fun to be part of this weekend.

It has been amazing watching Blaine Lyon cast all the events - he must be a future world champ. He has set new UK records in the 18ft Spey and 15ft Spey and has won all the four men’s events so far. Tomorrow we compete in the Trout Accuracy and the 5# in hopefully slightly lighter winds than the last two days of 20 mph winds with up to 30 mph gusts.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a great time,