Typhoon Effect

Typhoon Effect

Martyn White | Thursday, 22 September 2022

Well, I think my mullet ambitions are getting put on hold till next year. At the weekend, Japan got hit by one of the biggest typhoons in living memory, it really seems to have brought the change in the season which means the mullet won't be up in the shallows. The good thing is, the cool nights mean it's time to start on the seabass again.

Although the typhoon wasn't that bad where I am, it was still bad enough to stop me fishing, but that meant I could actually get a bit of much needed tying in. Autumn is definitely the best time for big seabass, and you can fairly reliably turn up 70cm+ fish most nights in October and November. They start feeding on big scad and herring as they pile on condition before the spawn and that means there can be some amazing fishing. These big fish do return to the nearshore marks in mid-late winter, but they're skinny and recovering from the rigours of the spawn. The big bait is mostly gone and they're relying on anchovies and sprats so they don't fight nearly as well, and they're just much less impressive than they are in autumn.

Last year I possibly went a bit too big on the fly front, I was hoping for more big fish or some serious specimens but that didn't really work out and my catch rate dropped of until I went back to flies in the 18-25cm range. In my opinion, one of the best imitations of large pelagic baitfish like scad, and herring is Mark Sedotti's Slammer. It's a fantastically designed fly that uses Mark's weighting system to make the big fly more castable and keel it in current even on a fast strip. It pushes water, swims beautifuly and offers a realistic profile and silhouette when viewed from below. It's durable and reasonably quick to tie and most importantly it just catches fish. I sometimes see people tying them but adding brush or dubbing heads to avoid that built up thread head. I've experimented with that too over the years, but although they might look superficially nicer I don't think they're actually better than the original. They don't swim any better and don't have the same realistic baitfish shape.  So I stuck a few in my box while the storm was passing this weekend, fully expecting them to account for some of my best fish of the year before losing them to snags.


Sedotti Slammer 

Hook: 6/0 SL12

Thread: 210 flat waxed nylon

Stinger loop: 50lb wire

Weight/keel: 0.30 -0.35 lead

Body: Devlin Blends or Yak hair +flash (SF Blend works fine for smaller flies)

Eyes:Tape Eyes- go big (I've been playing around with big sideplates to stick the eyes on)