Two days - no wind?

Two days - no wind?

Viking Lars | Saturday, 8 October 2016

I'm heading to the Danish island of Funen in a couple of hours, to join my very hood friends, Jens and Helle, who have invited me to stay with them for the weekend at the Denmark Fishing and Outdoor Lodge. I'm very much looking forward to a couple of days of fishing and their company.

Unfortunately, the stay coincides with Sea Trout Open, Denmark's largest fishing competition, and I won't go into a discussion, just state that fishing comeptitions aren't for me.

It's not often you wish for wind when going on a fishing trip. OK, some wind is good in most cases, but I've been looking forward to testing a new line tray, Danish made, in the conditions where it's supposed to excel over it's competitors. In Denmark, we have no fewer than four companies making different line trays, so when I saw this new one, I think I may have sighed audibly :-).

But then, at the Session 2016-gathering on the island of Moen, I was introduced to the new tray (basket, really) by it's inventor, and I must say, he really got me interested. My initial sigh was prompted by the fact that it has holes in the bottom, which I think is generally a really bad idea (when wading just thigh-deep, water will get in as much as it gets out). But - and here's the catch: This basket features a double wall construction, which makes it float. And so, yes, a little water will get in, but not very much as the basket itself floats. And, since it has no holes for the belt (the belt attachment is integrated in the construction), I think it may actually take in less water than my "conventional" ones.

Kristian Thomassen, the inventor, says that one really needs some wind and waves to really experience how this basket stands out from the others on the market.

So - back to the headline - I was really sort of hoping for some wind this weekend, so I could really test this basket out. But it looks as if the weather will be quite nice, which of course is nice in itself.

If you're interested, it's available at several Danish dealers already, and you can read much more about on KetteGear's website, where Kristian has made some nice videos about the features of and thoughts behind this basket - aptly named BasKette (Kristian's nickname is Kette).

I'm off in a few hours and still have to pack the car, so with these notes, I'm off to throw stuff in the car!

Have a great weekend!