Paul Arden | Sunday, 15 November 2020

We have a fantastic discussion on the Board - it’s a long one now - but well worth reading in its full entirety, especially if you are in lockdown and have some free time! I’m particularly enjoying reading Phil and John’s thoughts on the biomechanics of fly casting related to other sports.

However that's not what I'm going to talk about; instead I want to talk about a problem you might be experiencing with the fly line getting stuck in the rings, or more probably trying to slide along the blank during hauling on the forward cast or when shooting line on the backcast. 

Often we talk about cleaning and lubricating lines, which is important, but this alone does not always solve the problem. What is actually happening with Snake Rings is that the fly line is running along the blank, especially on the backcast shoot or the front cast haul and it gets stuck! 

So the solution that I've been using for casting and fishing for well over 20 years is to very simply twist the top three sections out by 45 degrees on a four piece rod. It's a very simple solution. It's more complicated with two and three-piece rods, I do different configurations with lined rings (in fact some I keep straight!) but that is how I - and I'm sure many others - deal with Snake and Single Leg rings on 4-piece rods. 

Cheers, Paul