Alex Vulev | Thursday, 26 November 2015

After some fishing with older fly tackle - say a couple of 40-or-more years old fly rods, close to the same age or maybe older reel, plus a modern variant of a "traditional" natural silk fly line, I found that its all perfectly OK to fish, despite the rods being a bit heavy. The truly modern parts were the nylon mono leader and the tippet, also the two tungsten bead nymphs rig. A book on history of fly fishing was claiming that some 100 or so years ago , the fishing line of use at the time was equal to a modern nylon line with a diameter of 0,25mm , but with a breaking strength of a modern 0,12mm mono. I made my calculations and decided that with no doubt the most important advance in fishing not only for our time but even for the past centuries of rod and line fishing is the invention of the nylon fishing line.

Going on further to assess the practical merits of my fly fishing tackle I was inclined to admit that the next greatest piece of tackle after the monofilament fishing line are my tungsten beads nymphs. Anyone proficient in nymphing would note that one of the single most important details in nymph fly fishing is the depth of the flies. You can fish the wrong pattern, the wrong size or colour, and even with a bad cast, but when your nymphs are not at the proper depth from where the fish will take, essentially the angler is entirely out of the game.

The tungsten loaded nymphs are ideal for achieving the proper nymphing depth. Tungsten bead is better than brass beads, being heavier for the same diameter, and better for the nature than lead when weighting your subsurface flies. The flies will be less bulky but will weigh enough to sink fast, right to the deeper spots when needed.

I can fish with an older fly rod and older fly reel in the same way I may ride an old steel bike frame by doing it just fine, but the tungsten bead nymphs will make the next biggest difference in tackle /after the nylon line/ when fishing.

A wonderfully unimportant endeavour as fly fishing is quite a broad church, sort of quasi-religion and what it may mean for me, may not mean the same for other fly angler, so what are the best advances in fly fishing tackle in your opinion?

Tight lines!