True love

True love

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 27 September 2019

They say that Finish man don’t kiss or talk. It might be true but at least I fish and write. I’m sitting upstairs in Guidecenter when writing this. And it is all because of my lovely wife (and of course Peter who owns the place). It happened about two weeks ago, Satu wanted to talk about something. Her tone was really serious and I thought that I have fucked up something once again. ”Honey, do you want to go fishing for few days?” What, we were just two weeks ago together so what is going on….. ”Well, I thought that if you want go just by yourself, you don’t have to look after anyone if you go” This is exactly the same when you bring flowers and your wife is WHAT….. why you bring flowers… You might know or then not. But I won’t say no when having offer like this. ( Now I know that Satu wanted to be alone without me messing the house but I’m still fine with that)

So I started to check forecast for different places and accommodation. (Even I knew where I will head if I get roof over me) And here I am in Ammarnäs Guidecenter. I kept my decision to last minute when I will come because I wanted to have best possible weather for autumn grayling fishing. Wednesday was even better weather than today (Thursday) but I had some things to do at farm before leaving. I drove again 760 km and 9 hours to go fishing, basically across Finland and Sweden, starting close to Russian border and ending up where road ends (or starts depend how you look at). And like always it was like coming home, warm welcome from Peter and beer in his bistro. After dinner and getting license for next day we had couple beers at his home. What a way to start your holiday.

So today I went fishing on Sjöforssen, it is special stretch with 4 rods in this time of season and in trout season 6 rods. It is same stretch where I lost big trout last summer, but now only grayling fishing is allowed. Sunny morning after chilly night was promising great day. It was warming up fast and when I got to the parking lot around 10 am I had to reduce some clothes to not get too hot. I started from mid stretch and got one small bite. There was one other fisherman and he was fishing the neck. So only two fisherman in this great stretch.

Just before midday other man moved over river with boat to fish other side. ( who buys first license will have access to boat go over) And I moved on the neck. I started to fish with nymph because I felt it is not warm enough for dryflies yet. I had no contact with fish, then I started look little bit more in the bottom. I saw not one or two graylings but like 30 of those, size from 25 cm to close 50 cm. I kept nymhing and one grayling turned after fly but was not really interested. I change for dries even there was no rising or any sign active fish yet. Only in channel there was massive trout doing his show couple of times or if it was grayling it was huge one.

I started to dry fly fishing, I could follow how fish are reacting and it was little bit frustrating. One turned his head to look, other one was following, one rising and then rejecting just before take. This was not with just one fly, it was after several flies and always same result. I knew that my tippet was little bit too strong but it was not a case. Other fisherman had thinner one and he had same kind of result on the other side. After few changes I got first one, now we are talking about…. or not.

There was some smaller graylings starting to rise but bigger ones where behind heavy work. Then weather was warming up even more and everything changed around 1 pm. Bigger ones started to get little bit more active, I got one now and then. I yelled to other man to come back and fish same spot. (It was his first time in strecht and there was space to both of us). Just after 1 pm bigger ones got really active, they really started to feast from surface and just underneat. It was not just one or two fish, in the best moment I could see 10 big graylings rising. It was coming and going, few minutes nothing and then long time rising and eating. I got something with black ant but it was destroyed by the grayling so I need to change. Other guy caught something with klinkhämmer and then nothing. You change fly and caught one or two fish and then nothing. You change presentation and get maybe two more. Then you need to change again because fish decided to reject that one for a while.

We basically fished same spot for 3 hours, other man from shore to middle and I was fishing straight upstream. I caught somehting like 20 graylings, biggest one was 49 cm ( 1kg) and smallest 32 cm. Other guy caught about 10 fish, including his biggest ever with dryfly 47 cm. ( there is photo about fish but I have cut face out from his request)

It was one of the best days in this season and probably the best day with dryflies. I caught nice number of fish but it was not easy one. I couldn’t get them every cast and that is how like it to be, challenging. Friday will be new day, forecast is not so good than today but I will enjoy with my full heart. This is my last fishing trip for this season. And thanks belongs to my lovely wife who forced me to go (yeah, I was crying and sad when I had to come). Why it is true love? For me it is big deal to have time to fish just by myself but also to when you have fishing days like this….. You will fall in love.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing, I will

Mika from Finland, now in Sweden