Trippy Loops

Trippy Loops

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 15 May 2019

I’m filling in for Bernd today - seems like you can’t have too much of me this week! Piffen and I are heading to a different part of the jungle lake having successfully spooked everything on the East side...

Last night we had a lumi-line session. If you don’t know what a lumi-line is it’s a glow in the dark flyline. We have our own supply, manufactured for us by RIO, and ours are 100ft DT Intermediate 6WT lines.

Now you may think - “that will spook all the fish!” Or “I bet the fish will eat it thinking it’s a long worm” but in actual fact no fish has ever eaten a lumi-line as far as I know - certainly no fish here in the jungle where I live. 

Anyway the point of the lumi-line is not for fishing - although it’s actually a very nice Intermediate - but the real purpose is to have fun in the dark shaping loops. It’s been over 20 years since I got my first glow in the dark flyline and hand on heart it’s one of the tools that has made me the caster I am today. 

So long as you live in an area without “light pollution” and assuming there is no moon, it is a remarkable experience to cast and only see the loops, without the background clutter. 

Many a night I have taken out the lumi-line, had a few glasses of wine, and cast to funky music. It really is fantastic fun - remember life is not to be taken too seriously and it’s ok to have fun while casting. 

It’s also an awesome teaching tool, because when the student only sees the loop, it is very much quicker to learn. 

Have a great week - James and Tracy tomorrow (hopefully!). 

Cheers, Paul