Tough Tough Fishing

Tough Tough Fishing

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 18 October 2022

The fishing here is never known to be easy but right now I really have my work cut out. The lake is incredibly low, which is often a good thing, but not this time! I think it’s because the water temperature is cooler (I’m guessing 28 or 29C, which might sound warm to you, but best is 32-34C). My theory is that the colder water holds more dissolved oxygen and therefore the Snakehead don’t have to rise as often. It certainly sounds plausible and I believe I’m backed by physics. But don’t quote me on it.

Despite the challenges, I have put in some great shots. And very unusually, the fish haven’t responded, even to these brilliant breath-taking shots. The few sets of babies I have found, have been almost impossible to follow due to sheer number of exposed stumps (I got the boat stuck on one stump for fully ten minutes; I’d be still there now if I wasn’t such an experienced boatman) and even when I have been close enough for the shot, the adults have been behaving as if already spooked. Tough tough tough.

But hey. Tough fishing makes it more rewarding when we are successful, right? That’s what I’ve been telling myself too. I don’t know if I believe it and between me and you, I don’t think it makes me feel one bit better.

I’ve been shooting some video again and plan to add more content to the flycasting Masterclass series as well as Sexyloops TV over the coming months. I’ve monetised the YouTube channel because a) I was curious to see if it would increase channel audience and b) Ashly kept asking me to do it. Apparently she thinks we will become rich from the royalties. 5 days and £2.79 later, I’m not so sure.

While I was involved in hosting the upcoming TV show, I really did not have the interest in shooting my own second-rate videos. But I have a bit more time now and it seems like fun again. Editing video is actually fun, but also very time consuming and there are so many more, much more fun things to do in life!! Be that as it may, I do see value in doing this. Slightly more value than the current £2.79.

So I’m getting organised, going to stop wasting my time watching Netflix, and get back to the things I should be doing that are effective.

Now… we have a HT5 blank in the States. It got lost in post and consequently we sent another. 5 months later the first one has turned up! So if you are interested in a HT5 blank with decals (but no rings or grip or tube!) then drop me a line on  The blank is 360USD including shipping anywhere in US. If you are too slow we do have more in the UK. Blanks we don’t make a big thing over, but I know some of you rod builders out there get huge satisfaction from building your own and what better rod to build than a Sexyloops rod? None – that’s right!

We have quite a few rod builds on the go at the moment. We also have finished rods in stock (for once). HT4, 5 and 10. These can be in the post next day. How’s that for service?!

I was fishing the HT6 this week for Gourami. Man what a beautiful rod that is. Even if I do say so myself! The Gourami were so impressed that they came to the boat just to watch the loops. Actually that’s not true. I don’t know what the Gourami was doing but I’m pretty sure he was trying to wind me up.

Zoom courses – I can take on a couple more students at the moment.  I’m down to about 8 at the moment. Maximum I can handle is 12 ongoing. Otherwise I’m working every day and I’m far too lazy for that. So if you fancy an online course with me, of 12 lessons, over what usually takes around six months, then drop me an email. It’s 700USD for the complete course. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and very effective as you can no doubt imagine. I keep it low key because I can only handle about 24 students per year, with my incredibly busy life schedule.

That’s about it for “news from the jungle”. I’m really excited about this coming Wet Season. Not least because it’s so damned hard at the moment!! I have guests booked for Nov and December. These are prime months. But I still have free slots. That first week in December for example is currently free. And that’s been the best week of the year for many years now. I’m looking forward to seeing Tim soon. He’s due over middle of November. Always great company and no doubt we will put the world right over a few campfires. Usually we can do this over only one or two fires. This time we will need a whole week’s worth.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul