Torqued and Twisted

Torqued and Twisted

Paul Arden | Monday, 6 January 2020

I’ve uploaded an SLTV episode; “20,000 days fly fishing”. There’s a bit about how I found myself in the jungle, how to make a Twisted Leader for Snakehead (thanks Qwek!) and using Torque Twist for placing the fly down first and bringing attention to it. This is really important for Giant Gourami particularly if the are “stumping” or in the middle of a termite fall. It’s also handy for trout too. I’ll make a proper teaching video of this later for the Casting Video Manual.

Here in Malaysia I’m starting to wonder if the Wet Season has ended prematurely (it hasn’t rained since before Xmas) or if it’s saving itself for an impressive deluge finale this month. Generally the Wet runs from November through to mid-Jan but, like almost everywhere else, the weather patterns the past few years have been noticeably different. Right now it should be raining every afternoon and hard. The lake is still 20ft below maximum level, which is pretty significant.

On the other hand the rivers are currently clear so it’s possible I might head up one in search of Mahseer. Every cloud has a silver lining…


I’ve been on the lake looking for Snakehead shots and particularly adult Snakehead with their young. But the jungle is really not fishing well at all at the moment - at least that’s normal for this time of year! I’ll have another look this week; when it does happen it will be all systems go and everything else will be on hold!

In the meantime I’ve been triathlon training really hard. Two hours a day on the bike hitting the hills, a fair bit of weights - well mostly chin-ups actually and some running (I still have a knee problem but I’m working through it). My first triathlon this year will be April 20th for a 1/2 Ironman in Desaru, here in Malaysia. I’m looking forward to that and hope to put in some more respectable times this year! I’ll do five long distance triathlons this year, at least two of which will be full Ironmans. 



The end of this month I should have the Sexyloops “Battleship” (or “Battlefish”?) on the lake. This will have a cabin, shower, toilet, kitchen - the works. As soon as that’s on the lake I’ll be permanently based floating around again. 

I’m going to fit a floodlight to the roof and float competition accuracy rings around the boat. This will be my evening entertainment! It will be great for teaching too. One of the problems teaching here in Malaysia is that after about 9am it’s damned hot! Standing under the tropical sun for a few hours practising casting is hard work. However after 7pm, once the sun has set, it’s decidedly pleasant on the lake. So after dinner I expect we will find time for a few beers and some loop throwing. 

If you are interested in a trip here then do get in touch. Mid March onwards sees the lake firing again. From then to the end of April is generally big Snakehead with babies time. Gourami kick in on ants and termites around April. And the free-rising Snakehead fishing starts to happen in June or July big time. You will certainly be tested here! But everyone who comes leaves with a better cast and plans to come back.  Starting in March I generally host 2 trips/month.  It’s really about one person at a time, but if there are two or even three of you we can discuss options. 



We are expecting our first batch of Sexyloops 9’ 7WT HTs blanks to arrive very soon and Lee is currently building the first 7’6 3/4WTs. And yes; I’m very comfortable casting both 3 and 4WT lines on this rod! :)))

Drop me an email of you are interested in one of the first 7’6s. They are not currently in the shop but they will be shortly. 9’ #7 serial number 1 has been sold already - Bart’s father! But 7’6 serial number 1 is still available. Viking Lars has ordered one but he wants serial number 666 of course :D

Cheers, Paul

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