Time To Fly Fish Again

Time To Fly Fish Again

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 1 March 2017

For the last 2 weeks it was pretty cold in Germany. Most waters were covered under ice. In addition I had to battle with the influenza virus during the past week. Of course all this didn't keep me from moving on with a daily fly casting session, but right now it's getting warm again and I can't wait to start fishing again today!

In my last front page 2 weeks ago I told you to have missed catching the one 40+ meter distance cast with my 5wt. long belly fly line due to a lack of proper tail wind supporting me best possible. Last week I got that wind for an hour and indeed could hit 41m once. Just once? Yes, I had several casts between 39 and 40m, but just one cast passed 40.

In many days Marina joined me fly casting. Watching her improving is truly awarding to my teaching. With the 5wt. long belly line she tops out at around 36m yet - and there is still room to drive it further. Her loops are sometimes among the finest ones I have seen! Truly pointy and smooth.

I don't know what fascinates me so much about watching loops go back and forth all day long and trying to figure out all details of fly casting. Somehow I never really seem to get satisfied with what I know about fly casting yet. Simply there are many more details to be found, I think. Seems as if this keeps me passionate about fly casting all the time!?!

Anyway tonight I will be fly fishing for pike perch and then tomorrow I'll be back in the lesson.

Sexy loops to all of you!

All my best

P.s.: Congrats to Paul for catching such nice Gouramis on dry fly and getting it on tape as well. Really enjoyed watching, mate!

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