TIME is a gift

TIME is a gift

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Spending my time with fly fishing is not a gift, but my decision!

I decided...

- my job to be fly fishing.

- to teach my girl friend fly fishing (and thanks god, she too loves it).

- to spent (nearly) ALL my time with fly fishing!

Now that 2016 comes close to it's end, I look back at another fantastic year full of great fly fishing memories. It couldn't have been much better! We fished for many different species of fish and succeded to catch some cracking fish in between them.

10 years ago I decided my life to become fly fishing and fly fishing only. Teaching fly fishing to me has become a huge passion since then. This my passion is still growing every year. Can't wait for my next lesson and for my next educational fly fishing trips in 2017!

First of all:


Me and my girl friend just have been to the cinema (that's why I added "nearly" above ;) ) watching "The Arrival". Great movie - leaving lots of thoughts behind! What that movie is about? You better watch it yourself. ;) Seriously, it's a great movie giving a very different view about time and what we make with it. The movie left us with the question: Would we change the way we are spending our time based on being able to see our future or not? I am pretty sure my answer would be NO - since the moment when I decided to spent (nearly) all my time fly fishing.

I don't think that I will ever look back and get a feeling to have wasted parts of my time fly fishing. In fact I did waste my time with a lot of other things in my former live before I became a full prossional fly fisherman. Well, at least that's how I see it today.

Now that I have done it, I know how important it is for me to spent my biggest gift (my time) with what I truly love! Probably I couldn't really see it before, because it's a huge difference between knowing the path and walking the path!

I hope YOU all find the best possible path 2017 for yourself - maybe (hopefully?) having some excellent fly fishing crossing your path!?

Whatever may satisfy you the most, I hope you'll walk your straight path right into it!

All our best for 2017
Bernd and Marina


Even such days on a water (like below), which at the time were completely blown out, were well worth it!


Paul right now may think that he came very close this year in the number of fishing days - and he really did! - but since I have not missed more than 3 days since the middle of March he (I think) will agree to have lost a few additional days due to participating in the world championships (which I left out in 2016). No need to tell I was (carp) fishing the last days either.