there is always failure first

there is always failure first

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 October 2022

I'm a person who might take photos and not really watching those afterwards. For me whatsapp is also like notebook. I sent photos and some other stuff just that I have it written down somewhere in case of memory blackout. Believe me, my memory works like a Swiss clock.

This fall has been most difficult ever. Money going out and nothing coming in. Electricity, food, gasoline prices rising like a rocket. Lot of things to do and get ready for winter. We had first snow week ago. Reindeer round up are on, so doing those work daily and winter preparation in the evening. Darkness is coming around 7pm.

I had good row of fishing and casting training going. I was especially happy about casting training. I took things with me from Malaysia for sure. Now it has been almost three weeks without fishing or casting and my brains are starting to melt. It has been cold and rainy weather.

I found myself more often going back to Malaysia in my mind not really thinking fish I caught. Mostly my thoughts take me to moments when it was about to happen. Searching free risers or set of babies. All the rises are burned to my brains, the casts I made or didn't, fucked ones and almost there, chases, looks etc. Those are the ones which comes first on my mind. Or the Gourami who almost took Paul's fly. One free riser have my name on, it is beautiful 5 kg snakehead and absolutely stunning clours. We met two times, I was just too slow with casts.

I think we always remember best the fish we didn't caught than one we got. There has to be something more primitive in brains for those moments. It has to be something about learning and surviving. You have to have failure before success. None of us became good at something right away, even it might feel like that. I'm really good with some stuff but nothing was coming easily, there is lot work behind and failures.

So I will keep failing to become master.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing