The VooDoo Daddy

The VooDoo Daddy

Andy Dear | Monday, 4 July 2022

My admiration for Rob certainty extends to his talent as an angler and guide. He is what we call "fishy". He can think like a fish, and because of his many links to the natural world, respond like a fish to changes in that world. He is most certainly a fish's nightmare!
---Flip Pallot

 Captain Rob "VooDoo Daddy" Fordyce has been the subject of several Front Pages here on Sexyloops, and to those in the know, needs no formal introduction. His accomplishments as an angler, guide, author, and TV personality are very well documented. Last year, Andy and Nicky over at The Mill House podcast produced a beautifully detailed interview with Rob, about not only his life as a world-class angler, guide, and tournament fisherman but as an author, TV host, and high-performance athlete as well. I have referenced the MillHouse podcast before, and Andy and Nicky have done a great job with this interview. For those of you not acquainted with The VooDoo Daddy, I'd like to invite you to spend an hour listening to this fantastic episode with one of the most successful, celebrated anglers in the history of saltwater fly fishing

  Hope you all enjoy the interview, and to all of you stateside, here's wishing you all a Happy July 4th Holiday!

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