the sorcerer part 2

the sorcerer part 2

t.z. | Friday, 13 January 2017

Håvard Stubø /Jazz & Flyfishing have released another short film. One of these "must see" films. Not only for flyfishers ...

The stuff they produce differs very much from the "car - cast cast cast - some fish - campfire - back in car again" go-pro productions with "the tallest man on earth" type music in the background. OK, they sit in cars too sometimes, but than it´s Volvos ;-)

Anyway - this is proper film-making with humour, a real story to tell. ... see for yourself.

The sorcerer - part 2 

The Sorcerer: Vol. 2 from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

I so totally agree with you Håvard Stubø - as you say in the movie - it does not count. It was nice catching this fish and the 7 others of similar size in that river, but I can´t help the foul aftertaste. I had paid a guide. 

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