The small everyday adventure

The small everyday adventure

Viking Lars | Saturday, 14 August 2021

With the COVID-situation, I’m sure many of us miss a bit of adventure. But you really don’t need a 3-long backpacking trip to feel that you’re away. I love a good, long backpacking trip into the mountains of Sweden or Norway, but I also love the short adventure you can have in an everyday life.

As soon as I’m far enough away from the car that it would take a lot for me to go back, 

I can feel I’m away. As long as one’s dependant on what’s in the backpack, it’s enough for me to  call it a small, everyday adventure. Just a few days trip with a good long walk down the beach is nice every once in a while. And as soon as dark falls, the tent is close, with the wave as the soundtrack, I’m in an adventure.

I packed up yesterday and put up the tent close to beach, had a good long walk (no fish), nice sunset though and then a night with the waves and wind as soundtrack.

I’m long since stopped always thinking about the next “proper” adventure and taken to enjoying the small ones. As long as I have what I’m carrying, I can feel a bit like I’m in the wilderness. And don’t forget that it’s the proper way to train and prepare for the real adventure. This is the way to learn how far and how fast you can walk in a day, how much and what type of food you need, water consumption and how much weight you can carry.

And over a few shorter trips, you learn to prioritise especially the “nice-to-have”-items. That saves weight. And you quickly learn how much space that extra rod and reel take up. Just being a 6-wt! And you learn, if possible, to dry your wading boots before you hike on. Man, they are heavy when wet.

I’m hoping to get away on a longer trip next summer. And I’m preparing with these smaller trips. And I learned that time kills even the good backpacks. I have a really nice Lowe Alpine 80-liter and the coating on the inside is sticky as H… and peeling off. And it’s rubbing off on everything in the pack. So it’s going to the trash when I get home.

Have a great weekend!