The Sexyloops Masterclass

The Sexyloops Masterclass

Paul Arden | Friday, 7 September 2018

I certainly hope that you have found it by now. Basically we had a problem when the Hungarian app developer was struck by lightning and he and all of his codes went up in smoke. Fortunately the videos didn't! And while I have some plans to make another Sexyloops App, plans around Sexyloops take a while to mature. So to seize all options, what we have done is what I really wanted to do in the first place, which was to integrate the app videos with Sexyloops - although not quite in the way I had originally envisioned!

I believe that we have two more videos to upload into this rather comprehensive fly casting video library - or at least two more from the original series that is. Then when this has been done I will make copies available in HD as downloads for those who purchased the original App. Finding unique solutions to problems seems to have been the way of the last (almost) 20 years of Sexyloops! Sexyloops will be 20 years old in two weeks time by the way...

(20 yrs old - would would have thought it?! Anyway enough of that; we didn't get where we are by thinking about where we were!)

It may be short notice, but I'm being asked - repeatedly - to give a distance casting course while I'm in Europe; the problem is that I have to set it up. There are possibilities; I could host a weekend in Hungary on the 22/23 September - there will be a big fire on the night of the 22nd - that I can promise, whether or not there is a meet! Alternatively I could extend my stay in Europe by one week and give a course in Essex, England on October 20/21 - which would coincide nicely with the BFCC meet on the other day.

I wasn't really planning on working here Tongue Out but if there is sufficient interest then I will make an exception. Needs to be about 8 participants, 10 max. I'll make a decision on the feedback I get today, so if you have any interest whatsoever then please email me - you know where: 

Great launch of the Essential Level this week - lots of interest from casting clubs, which is great news. If you missed it, we have launched a casting challenge for fly casting students interested in testing themselves with fishing casts and without all the instructor requirements. You can find out more about it here: 

I haven't decided yet whether the Advanced Level incorporates ALL the Spey Casts (into a target), but it's an interesting idea and one for a few late-night campfires. That's where I do all my thinking of course - campfire, middle of bum-fuck nowhere; just me, some water and a lumi-line. Anything else has too many distractions - and I am a caveman after all. In fact we all are.

And in this crazy world, I think at least I've got that part right!


PS the Sexyloops Masterclass and the latest video - the Backhand Snap T to 90 degrees.